African governments can help or hinder the hospitality industry

Author: David Harper, James Kirk (

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African governments in different regions are making decisions that are clearly impacting the hospitality industry, as David Harper discusses in this TV show.

African governments and Visas

Rwanda is a classic example where people are investing into the continent and one of the reasons they are doing this is transparency. It is considered to be one on of the least corrupt areas of the world, it really heads up high on all of the corruption tables its doing really really well. It’s also the ease of doing business. Governments made that possible, so government has a very important role. We were talking – the Tanzania minister was talking about visas. Visas on arrival are so important for East Africa it’s made it easy to get it. You go to West Africa you have got to have planned in advance, it just makes it more difficult for tourists to come. I am looking to do some work in Angola, I need to apply for a Visa and it’s very difficult to get a hold of.

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