Hotel investment opportunities are regional play

Author: Chiheb Ben Mahmoud, James Kirk (

Categories: Government, Investment
Tags: credit crunch, equity, government intervention, investment for hotels, public funds
Hotel investment opportunities can come about locally or internationally but, as Chiheb Ben Mahmoud discusses in this TV show, it is currently more regional.

Hotel investment opportunities not badly affected by recession

The investment for hotels has not been drastically affected by the credit crunch, because it has always been, hotels have always been financed either on a more classical scheme, as opposed to residential and off plan sales. And so in that sense really it will not change much. It remains to a large extent a regional play, probably in the past it was more of a domestic play or pure local play, now it is more a regional. But apart from that, there has not been a significant change, there are no new entrants internationally to the investment scene, at least from the equity front. And perhaps there is less reliance on public funds, on government intervention.

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