Digital age consumers want everything now!

Author: Catalin Cighi, James Kirk (

Categories: Technology
Tags: consumer behaviours, consumer demand, Generation X, Generation Y
The digital age brings with it many quick and easy ways to access what we want. Consumers are starting to expect this everywhere, as Catalin Cighi of Cain Hospitality Innovation discusses in this TV show.

Digital age behaviours

When I address technology I really don’t care about technology itself for the sake of technology, is I only care about the way it impacts human behaviour. And this is important in our industry. So I’m interested on how it affects demand and the nature of demand. I’m interested in how it affects what becomes possible on the supply side when you are building your hospitality products and when you are crafting your value proposition to a certain segment. Well on demand side for instance, I don’t like to use buzzwords but I think what the technology is creating is a vain customer. You hear about millennials, you hear about Generation X, Y, Z, I don’t care about that. What I care about is the fact that technology creates a certain expectation that the consumer wants everything and it wants it now. So that’s what I mean when I say technology simply expands expectations and once you’ve cut and paste of what can be done, then you never go back.

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