Hospitality industry trend: Hotels are putting more effort into F&B

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One hospitality industry trend is an increasing interest in the food & beverage, or restaurants and bars, in hotels as Bob Puccini explains in this TV show.

Improving F&B is a current hospitality industry trend

Well, two things.  One is typically hotel investors are investing in the hotel business which is fundamentally real estate.  And there’s a lot of pieces that go with making a hotel successful.  There’s laundry, linens and there’s food and beverage. And up to several years ago, restaurants and food and beverage were really considered just something you had to do if you owned a hotel and wanted to make money in the hotel business.  What has changed is, is that notion is changing, people are putting more time, effort and money into the food and beverage side.  And that’s been something that’s been changing for the last ten years or so since I’ve been coming to this conference and there’s much more interest in it.  In fact, just a month ago there was a conference here in Dubai that was dedicated entirely to restaurants and food and beverage particularly as they related to hotels.

The Hospitality Channel will continue to follow emerging hospitality industry trends.

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