Growth drivers: The ‘Follow the Oil’ message is changing

Author: Ben Martin, James Kirk (

Categories: Middle East
Tags: development, FOIL, fracking, investment, oil
Growth drivers in the Middles East are money and security, which affect where people can build and were tourists will go. Ben Martin explains further in this TV show.

Key grow drivers

I think essentially there are two key drivers that we are always very sensitive to.  There’s always the message about FOIL – Follow the Oil.  But of course that has changed with the introduction of fracking.  And the perspective on where that’s going to go in the next decade will be fascinating to see, because already the landscape or investment is starting to change a little bit.  The other thing of course to look at is with regard to security and certainly with regard to tourism, people want to be safe.  And people will follow what it says on the foreign office websites for Brits and that affects where they choose to go.

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