Guest demands in the connected digital economy

Author: Aqeel Raees, James Kirk (

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Tags: connectivity, digital economy, entertainment, new generation, younger customers
In the connected digital economy guests, particularly younger guests, want new forms of entertainment, as Aqeel Raeees discusses in this TV show.

Connected digital economy guests

I believe first of all that, you know, the consumer has become more sophisticated. We have more buying power with younger groups. The younger groups demands are different than the older groups or the businessmen, or the older businessmen because now IT have become an important part of any hotel where if you go into a hotel and you don’t have a good service of the internet then you wouldn’t guarantee that those people would be coming back. Furthermore, you know, people are looking for entertainment and different types of entertainment because the entertainment as well is changing. I have been in the industry for the last 40 years and I have seen trends coming back and disappearing and reappearing. So you know these things change over the times with the change of people you know. And the new generations, they have their own demands for different types of services. And also there is one thing else that you know, I mean the market needs more competitive, let’s say affordable hotels. You see, I mean we are more concentrating on the leisure luxury hotels, business luxury hotels. But there is a need for good four star hotels and even lower than that, like what’s happening in the airline industry where you have the, you know, the budget airlines and they are very successful.

The Hospitality Channel will continue to show videos discussing the impact of the connected digital economy on hospitality.

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