Pooling resources on hotel investment opportunities

Author: Antoine Castro, James Kirk (yBC.tv)

Categories: Africa
Tags: construction, development, hotel product, investment, location, partnerships
Hotel investment opportunities needs an invested team on board to succeed. In this TV show Antoine Castro of Quantum Global Real Estate discusses selecting the right elements according to location.

Hotel investment opportunities for all

The location and what we will do, I mean we all know that risk is very high to develop hotels in Africa in general.  So what we’ll tend to do is to secure a pool let’s say of the developer, the construction company and the hotel product, but to co-invest alongside of us so that we all have our interest in the development.  I mean the selection of the location, the selection of the brand, the best brand for that location, for that country, the best partner to develop the product locally which has a track record, best in class practices, a code of conduct, I mean all these kind of things.  So that we are comfortable in being successful in developing such a hotel and to open it in due time hopefully.

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