Working in hospitality is so much more than serving tables

Author: Anita Mendiratta, James Kirk (

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Working in hospitality allows more progression that people often think. In this TV show Anita Mendiratta discusses changing perceptions of ‘hospitality’.

What working in hospitality really means

Hospitality is a word that has, I believe, emotional baggage attached to it.  It doesn’t link to the same conversation about career progression exactly gives.  Hospitality is seen as the people who will take care of the tables in the restaurants.  And so it’s not an aspiring sector in the way in which it’s currently spoken. When you talk about travel and tourism and service economy, then it brings gravitas into it.  So for young people coming into our sector, when it’s seen as purely hospitality there’s a default thought of it’s people who serve in hotels.  It’s so much more than that.  So we need to be able to get the understanding of exactly what is inside the hospitality and how can that become an incredibly exciting career for young people who want to see the world and have fantastic jobs in the first place.

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