The vital role of the OTAs

Author: Amine Moukarzel

Categories: Marketing, Operations
Tags: OTAs

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The vital role of the OTAs

Author: Amine Moukarzel

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  • May

    Briefing: maintaining motivation and loyalty in colleagues

    A motivated team member is infinitely more valuable than a stifled or disengaged one. Both new talent and top executives are more likely to be loyal if they are offered opportunities to grow and have an active involvement in company achievements. How important is it to provide avenues for professional development? In this briefing leaders [...]
  • Apr

    Briefing: a sustainable future for hospitality

    Sustainable innovation is a phenomenon invading the consciousness of the hospitality industry. While it is not always a priority above profit margins and customer satisfaction we are seeing more integration of sustainable thinking within business strategy. Sustainability includes making environmentally friendly adaptations within hotel design and providing economic sustainability by improving local relationships. Implementation of [...]
  • Feb

    Briefing: the threat and opportunity of Online Travel Agents

    Online travel agents have embraced the digital world as a new business platform. They have taken full advantage of the low costings, have shaken up the industry, and have forced prices down. The efficient booking processes appeal to today’s time-strapped, bargain-hunting customers.  While this is a fantastic way for brands to distribute their product to [...]
  • Nov

    Briefing: extraordinary continued growth for Middle East

    There is no doubting that the growth story for the hospitality sector in the Middle East region is compelling. The emergence of the region as a hub of investment means it is continuing to be an exciting prospect specifically for hotel development. Capitalising on this non-stop growth is something discussed in this week’s briefing. Where [...]