One challenge dominates future success

Author: Alex Kyriakidis

Categories: Leadership, Middle East, Staff
Tags: development, teamwork
Alex Kyriakidis: "It’s one word actually.  And both an opportunity and a challenge.  And that is talent.  The single biggest challenge you have when you enter a brand new market, where the industry is not particularly deep or broad is having talent on a number of fronts, talent for our hotels, but also talent to support the owners of our hotels in their decision making, in their analysis.  And they’re becoming aware of what is this industry, how does it tick?  How does it function?  And so talent is absolutely key.  And for us we think about talent a good two years before a hotel opens.  A recent example of … I think innovation from our HR team was for our hotel in Cigale which we hope to open the end of this year.  Where about six months ago we teamed up with the...Institute in Cigale, Ladies Institute and hand picked 12 ladies who, with the support of government we flew across into Dubai and Dhār and have been training there for the last six months.  And we’ll be training there for the next year so that when they finish their training they will be flown back to Cigale to actually lead the departments within the hotel and develop in turn their teams to prepare that hotel for its opening.  So talent I would say is the single and most important opportunity and challenge for us."
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