Working in hospitality requires passion

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Working in hospitality can be very rewarding. In this TV show Alain Debaire shares his hospitality career story.

Love working in hospitality

I started in the hotel business more than 15 years ago, out of which 14 is in operations.  So my first job – real job was with Mandarin Oriental in Manila.  And then I worked with Hilton for 12 years.  I grew up through operations and food and beverage in a variety of country.  But my last job at Hilton I was the general manager of Hilton in Barcelona.  And that’s when I met Sheikh Mubarak and joined Action Hotels, you know, getting the company started.  I was the first one on board and opened those six hotels myself etc.  So obviously I moved you know, from the upper, upper scale hotel business to the business of hotels in the midscale hotel sector, understanding the potential of the region. It’s a region I know very well, I grew up here.  But if I could give one piece of advice to anybody starting in the business is that it’s a business that requires a lot of passion, a lot of drive and hard work.  And you know, just love what you do and you know, do your best at it and I think it’s really the right thing to do in the hotel business, giving a lot of passion and working hard to achieve your goals.

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