It has been reported this week that a hotel at a theme-park in Japan is to be staffed by Robots. The Henn-na Hotel is scheduled to open in July and alongside some human staff it will have, ‘remarkably human-like robots who will be able to greet, carry luggage to rooms, make cups of coffee – and even smile’, according to the Telegraph article.

Our experts discuss changing technology in hotels:

This remarkable plan is taking technology in hotels yet another step in to the future. But whilst guests interacting with robots sounds extraordinary it is only highlighting the trend for changing guest touch points and the emphasis on experience in hotels.

Another new product launched this year was the very first Virgin Hotel in Chigaco. A new player in the hotel industry, the brand promises to be innovative much like Virgin’s other ventures. The hotel has its own app which guests can use to interact with staff and other guests, and to request services. The app can control the room thermostat, order room service, plays music from a built in music library, and displays messages from staff for updates on hotel events and the processing of the guest’s requests.