Many components of what makes a great deal in hospitality haven’t changed in many, many years, however, there is an a continual evolvement of how deals can be struck and what is need to get that agreement over the final few hurdles.

Understanding the risk and what to consider when investing in new areas is key and many believe the emphasis towards long-term contracts is very real with investors wanting to ensure steady returns rather than immediate gain.

Experts discussing deal-making this week include:

  • David Thomson, COO of JA Resorts & Hotels on the importance of a partnership
  • Christian Mole, Executive Director – Transaction Advisory Services of Ernst & Young LLP on the long-term trend
  • Rob Seabrook, Head of Hotel Transactions for Savills on the need for good cash flow
  • And Gaël Le Lay of Head of Hotel Investment, AXA Real Estate on what they look for in a good deal

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