Mishcon de Reya
  • Mar

    With adversity comes innovation

    Arguably, countries which were damaged by the recession are beginning to see growth again. With this growth innovators are beginning to surface. But what does this mean when dealing with an individual who is an entrepreneur? How do they tick and how can you work with them to create something very special? In this briefing [...]
  • Feb

    How to be successful in a crowded marketplace?

    With a saturation of brands offering almost exactly same service, how do you become the brand that customers develop an emotional connection with? Hear from some top marketing experts and entrepreneurs on what makes a great brand. Including: Kevin Roberts, Chief Executive Officer Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, on creating an emotional response in consumers. [...]
  • Feb

    Opportunities growing in emerging economies

    It is no secret that the emerging economies are now seeing some very good results in terms of growth and ROI. This is the case across all industries not only for the hospitality sector. Integral to anyone moving into these areas is the need for a local partner who understands the continuing obstacles faced with [...]
  • Feb

    Facebook vs. Google+ – The Battle for the Billions

    With the IPO of Facebook possibly today and Google combining the social world (Google+) with Search (Search+), the online giants are positioning themselves for an almighty battle. There is only one winner on the web and we are all about to watch who that will be. But what does it all mean for you? In [...]
  • Jan

    Common sense needed for hiring success

    In this week’s briefing we hear from some key experts about the importance of the workforce, and the importance of getting the right candidate the first time. With a motivated and dedicated workforce a company can have unrivalled success. We also hear about why, as a business owner, you must understand the nature of employment [...]
  • Jan

    2012 Olympics puts the spotlight on London

    The summer of 2012 promises to be a big year for the UK hospitality market. Many argue it is a chance to showcase London as the place to be for business and leisure. A base for investments and a lifestyle choice. In this briefing we hear why London remains a prominent city on the global [...]
  • Dec

    Surfing the digital wave

    This week’s briefing is a little different. A short feature with a host of experts speaking about the impact of digital technology and the changing dynamics of the hospitality business. Are you prepared for disruptive technology? Have you fully embraced the social world? Do you have all the data to make decisions? What are your [...]
  • Dec

    Employing now for a certain future

    Accepting the fact that ‘uncertainty is certain’ is a truth that is seen in today’s market. Understanding how you can mitigate this uncertainty can be done by employing the right people. Companies are now making the changes to their staff that will mean improved efficiencies and a sought after personalised service for customers. In this [...]
  • Dec

    Effects of recession still being felt

    There are still many effects that the recession has bought on the hospitality market. Not least the fact that we are not yet seeing the buoyancy that was seen pre-2007. Sharing their thoughts in this week’s briefing are experts that give insights on a variety of variables that could still effect the nature and speed [...]
  • Nov

    Embracing new engagement tools

    All industries are learning about the new ways they can engage with their customers, clients and partners and perhaps most importantly potential customers. But is the hospitality industry lagging behind most others when it comes to embracing these new technologies? In this briefing we hear from some key experts about how they are using, and [...]