CB Richard Ellis
  • Jan

    2012 Olympics puts the spotlight on London

    The summer of 2012 promises to be a big year for the UK hospitality market. Many argue it is a chance to showcase London as the place to be for business and leisure. A base for investments and a lifestyle choice. In this briefing we hear why London remains a prominent city on the global [...]
  • Dec

    Employing now for a certain future

    Accepting the fact that ‘uncertainty is certain’ is a truth that is seen in today’s market. Understanding how you can mitigate this uncertainty can be done by employing the right people. Companies are now making the changes to their staff that will mean improved efficiencies and a sought after personalised service for customers. In this [...]
  • Dec

    Effects of recession still being felt

    There are still many effects that the recession has bought on the hospitality market. Not least the fact that we are not yet seeing the buoyancy that was seen pre-2007. Sharing their thoughts in this week’s briefing are experts that give insights on a variety of variables that could still effect the nature and speed [...]
  • Oct

    Critical Success Factors: People or Technology?

    There is no denying that technology is a huge contributing factor to any successful hotel operation, however is it the most significant? In this weeks briefing we hear from leading experts, in the field of hospitality, discussing the importance of hotel staff and managers. Experts this week include Guy Lean of Hospitality People Group, Thomas [...]