• Briefing: The importance of strong leadership

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    A new survey from Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) has uncovered the work, challenges, and concerns of senior Revenue Management professionals. It found that critical thinking was considered an important or very important management skill by all respondents, as was business acumen by 98% of respondents. What else is required to be an
  • Briefing: A good reputation goes a long way

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    A new study from Resonance Consultancy has named London as the World’s Best City Brand. The results were based on analysis of social media comments about cities, by both locals and visitors. So how important is it that people are talking about your brand online, and how far are hospitality companies relying on Social Media
  • Briefing: Hospitality professionals have rewarding careers

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    A recent Survey from Best Western has uncovered the worrying statistic that more than a third of parents (42%) say they’d discourage their child from a career in hospitality. However, a separate survey has found that in Scotland people working in hotels and lodgings ranked their happiness second highest of all industries. In Rwanda, Marriott
  • Briefing: Deal-making in today’s hotel market

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    Hotels are a strong commercial property asset class but there are many global factors at play changing the hospitality landscape. According to JLL, the first six months of 2016 saw Asia become the largest source of outbound capital flowing into global hotel real estate. The report also found that global hotel deal activity in the
  • Briefing: The opportunity and challenge of hospitality alternatives

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    A report by JLL has found that serviced apartments account for less than 10% of total room inventory in London – and in UK regions account for only 3.9%. This highlights that there is still a lot of opportunity for serviced apartments and other types of alternative accommodation to grow. But are these relatively new
  • Briefing: Holidaymakers value safety and security

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    Safety fears have a huge impact on consumers’ holiday choices. This is particularly apparent in light of events in popular destinations such as Turkey and Paris. In a UK survey by FamilyBreakFinder, 80% of people said terrorism, health scares or political trouble will affect their
  • Briefing: Appreciating data skill

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    Research from Tableau Software has revealed that just 40% of recent graduates believe data analytics skills are essential for their future job and only 30% believe data analytics to be critical in fulfilling their career goals. In every aspect of hospitality, workers need to appreciate the importance of
  • Briefing: Trust issues hold back the Sharing Economy

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    New research shows that the Sharing Economy in the UK is being held back because of a lack of trust and understanding. A survey by Trust Pilot found that 29% of people have previously avoided using a sharing economy platform because of a lack of clarity on who would hold responsibility when something goes wrong.
  • Briefing: Serviced Accommodation gets five-star recognition

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    The AA is now taking applications for its new Serviced Accommodation accreditation scheme. Unlike the hotel scheme, which rates properties from one to five stars, the new scheme only accredits properties which achieve a quality rating of three to five stars. This expansion of the AA’s services is a response to the growth of the